If you are looking for a BMX bike for yourself and are confused about the price, you have come to the right place. We have a designed a guide for you to get rid of that worry. Here you will learn how to choose the right bike for yourself and the factors that affect its price. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details and find the answer to the burning question: “How much is a BMX bike?”

How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost? (For All Types Of Riders)

The price you pay for a BMX bike can depend on its size, build quality, the components used, and the various other factors we discuss later. Generally, the price bracket for a basic BMX bike starts as low as $100 and then the bracket rises up from there to go as high as $2500.  

Interestingly, there are BMX bicycles that are far more expensive than $500. When it comes to professional bikes, $500 is the bare minimum you would be expected to spend. The BMX bicycles used by professional athletes to do stunts can range from $700 to as much as $2000. Moreover, these bikes are partially built. So, you gather various high quality parts to build your personalized BMX bike.  

So, for example you get a frame for Company A, the handlebars from Company B, the fork from Company C and the wheels from Company D. The four parts don’t necessarily have to come from the same brand.  

This way of building can either cost you a lot of money or save you some. That’s because it all boils down to your personal preference. You might be okay with an average set of tires but need a high quality seat or the opposite. No matter what you decide, you always have the last say.   

Budget BMX Bike Cost

A budget bicycle is one that has all the features you need and it lies within your defined price range. That cost slab is different for everybody, but almost anyone would be satisfied with a bike that falls between the $100 - $250 range.  

Any bike above or below that range is an outlier. If you go below $100 you sacrifice on quality, size and features.

Contrarily, going above $250 would get you in the professional BMX price range and that is unnecessary if you just want to get into the hobby and learn. Once you get the hang of BMX riding, you can start investing in a better bicycle and climb up the ladder. 

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Mid-Range BMX Bike Cost

The mid-range for BMX bicycles starts from $300 and goes up to $600. At this point, things start getting serious. The quality improves, you get more options to choose from, and the overall choices increase.  

This is where professional BMX biking starts and this is where you get accustomed to the feel of high quality bicycles. Here onwards comes elite territory, which is usually for a few serious people. 

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High-End BMX Bike Cost

A top quality BMX bicycle will cost more than $700. Anything above that number only sweetens the deal and opens up a whole new world for a BMX aficionado. High-end bikes could cost $2000 or they could be $1,000.

The important thing to note here is that, at this level, customization becomes almost necessary. Every professional wants their BMX to be tailor-made for them. Therefore, they buy only the best components for their bicycle, no matter who sells them.

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4 Crucial Factors Affecting BMX Bike Cost

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of forming a budget and purchasing a BMX bicycle, let us first look at the characteristics that determine the price. The 4 crucial factors are as follows: 

Frame Quality

The first thing to consider is the bike’s frame quality and to do that, we must answer a few questions for ourselves. Is the frame built of an exquisite material or just plain old metal? Does the frame have rust-free qualities? Is it strong enough to withstand the abuse of BMX stunts? Is it lightweight and easy to transport? Perhaps, it is too fragile for an adult biker?  

We all know that the best BMX bike for you would have a strong and sturdy frame. It would be a chassis that can withstand the forces and no material other than metal can have those properties. But even in metal, there are various kinds.

You can find BMW bikes with stainless steel frames, aluminum frames and even some that are made of various metallic compounds. The most common one used in modern BMW bikes is a steel alloy mixed with chrome and molybdenum.  

Such frame materials inflate the price to exorbitant levels. You want something that does the job for you and for that even a stainless steel frame or an aluminum frame would work. Those are naturally the cheaper options. However, if you decide to go professional then exotic materials like carbon-fiber also make an appearance and the price skyrockets.  

So, it is understandable that the frame you choose will have a direct and proportionate effect on the price tag of the BMX bike.

Brand Image

The brand you choose to buy will also have an effect on the bike’s price. So, how much does a BMX bike cost when you opt for a renowned brand? Well, the cost is a bit too much for the average person and that’s why you should be careful when selecting brands.  

When we go to buy a BMX bike, we see various price tags for bicycles with differentiating features. But even when the attributes are same, sometimes the price is high because one particular bike is made by a certain brand. That company prides itself in being the best and as such it asks the customers a premium price for a premium product.

It doesn’t mean that the brand asking for a higher price always has the better product. Sometimes, it’s about market reach, brand recognition and customer loyalty that furthers such notions. Another smaller company might be making better quality BMX bicycles but people won’t feel comfortable trusting them due to their size or absent reputation in the market. 

So, when you go shopping always ask yourself, “Do I really need to pay that high a price for a bike when I can get a similar one for cheaper?”  

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Bike Edition

The third consideration is the bike’s edition. If the BMX is a newer model, it would cost more than an older variant. Perhaps, the new one has better features, more gimmicks or maybe an improved frame? You should ask yourself if you need any of those upgrades, or if you can work without them.  

Sometimes, older flagship models can you offer you more than a flashy new model. So, make sure you go into the details and ask about the bike’s specifications. Once you weigh the specs and consider your options, you should come to the best conclusion.  

Partial Vs Complete Build  

The last important consideration that affects price is the BMX bike’s build status. Do you get the bike with all the parts stuck together, or do you need to assemble the bicycle at home. Generally, the one that is fully built is going to cost more than the one that needs assembly. That is a good thing too since you don’t have to do anything other than pay the money. Just buy the bike and start riding!   

The second option could be a bit cheaper but here you have a slight disadvantage. You have to assemble the bike yourself and if you haven’t done this before, you would be paying less money for more headaches. However, there is a hidden advantage here as well. A partially built bike allows you the power of customization and that is what professional need. In such cases, the partial bicycle could also cost more, because it gives you the creative edge.  

Therefore, depending on simplicity and customization you can inflate or deflate the price tag. 

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BMX Bike Maintenance Costs  

After you have bought the bicycle, you aren’t free of all expenses. On the contrary, you have to keep a budget for repairs and regular maintenance. It is true that some BMX bikes are low-maintenance but others require extra attention. You don’t want a BMX for yourself only to find that you are unable to take care of it later.   

Therefore, starting making a budget beforehand and use that while you are out shopping for a bicycle. The maintenance budget should play a role in the purchase decision. If you forget about that while out shopping for a BMX, you would regret your decision later. 

Can I Modify My Complete BMX Bike?  

The short answer to that question is that you can modify a complete BMX bike, but there are some restrictions. First off, you would have to find the right equipment with the right measurements to fit your complete bike. The next step would be to remove the part in question, without damaging any other component and installing the new one.  

Second, you have to look at the type of bike you have, that’s because some complete bikes do not give the ability to make modifications. So, before starting off on this venture, look at everything carefully, ask around others, and then once you are satisfied, you can move forward with any fabrication.  

How Long Do BMX Bikes Last?

BMX bicycles can last you a lifetime if you take care of them and maintain them regularly. However, if you are not careful, they could get destroyed in a matter of months. Their biggest weakness is rust, so make sure you are keeping clear of water and using oil in the right places to reduce any buildup of moisture.

The second most dangerous thing for the life of a BMX is your riding style. You should ride the BMX bike within its allowed parameters. Do not go overboard with a stunt or trick if your bicycle isn’t built for such actions.   

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Where To Get BMX Bikes?  

You can buy a BMX bike online or go to a conventional bicycle market for the purchase. There are usually more choices online and you have the liberty to look at all the options in less time.  Plus, if and when you are satisfied, you can book the BMX and it arrives at your home. But you can’t get a feel for the bike while online browsing. For that, you need to physically visit a store, ride the BMX bicycle and then move forward with purchase.  

Furthermore, you can also buy BMX bikes on dedicated online stores where they give you the highest satisfaction and even a money back guarantee.  

Frequently Asked BMX Bike Cost Questions

How much does it cost to build a custom BMX bike?  

The costs are usually around the $1500 to $2000 mark. The cost can add up or lower down depending on the components you choose.  

Should I buy a BMX or a mountain bike?

If you like performing stunts on the street and at skate parks, a BMX is your go-to ride. However, if you like to go off-road into the mountains then the mountain bike is the best choice. 

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Where can I sell my old BMX bike? 

You can sell your bike online on platforms like eBay or you could look at placing an ad on the local classified. 

What size BMX bike should you get? 

It depends on your age, height and weight. But your height is the biggest factor. You can look at the size chart here to find the right bike for you.

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As you can see, there is a wide price range when it comes to BMX bike cost. We recommend setting yourself a budget and considering your skill level. If you're a complete BMX beginner, then you may not want to fork out a ton of money before you know if you like the sport. 

On the other hand, if you're an intermediate or advanced rider, there are plenty of mid-range and high-end BMX bikes. We hoped this guide helped explain how much a BMX bike costs.