When you're riding your BMX, do you feel like you're on top of the world? Over the course of the last few decades, bicycle motocross has emerged as both a fashion icon and a widely practiced cultural activity.

Millennials are currently attempting to ride BMX bikes in the style of the greatest BMX riders of all time.

This article is a homage to all of the best BMX riders of all time, including those who have passed away and those who are still alive today.

1. Mat Hoffman

As far as we're concerned, nobody has done more for BMX than Mat Hoffman. People who have no familiarity with BMX nonetheless recognize the name "Mat Hoffman". Mat Hoffman has won ten World Vert titles and six X Games medals.

Hoffman also holds the record for the biggest jump ever made on a BMX bike over a 24-foot quarter pipe, which he entered into the Guinness Book of World Records. Hoffman was honoured with ESPN's Lifetime Achievement Award in Action Sports in 2002.

There aren't too many equestrians honoured with their own video games. In 1991, he established Hoffman Promotions to capitalize on Hoffman's rapidly growing notoriety and, by extension, BMX.

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Mat Hoffman Sitting on a Yellow BMX Bike at his Indoor Park

2. Dave Mirra

Due to his flawless skills, Mirra has placed medals at every X Games competition since the first one in 1995 and up to 2009. Dave Mirra also previously held the record for the most BMX freestyle medals.

Dave Mirra career and reputation continue to reverberate with action sports fans all around the world because of his enthusiasm for riding and his commitment to becoming the best BMX rider he could be.

Dave Mirra has 24 medals, 14 of which are championships. Now Dave Mirra holds the record for the first-ever double backflip. Dave Mirra is one of the popular X games BMX rider.

Dave Mirra Sitting on a Vert Ramp

3. Ryan Nyquist

We can't rule out the possibility that Ryan Nyquist is actually a robot.

Nyquist, widely regarded as one of the best BMX riders of all time, has recently branched out into the world of MTB Slopestyle, competing at and placing an impressive second in the 2017 FISE World Montpellier competition.

Ryan Nyquist is widely regarded as the best contest rider in history. Ryan Nyquist took home 16 X Games medals in total, including four overall championships (two in the park and two in the dirt). With 60 total, he's also the all-time leader in Dew Tour finals appearances.

Although Ryan Nyquist is now in his forties and has focused his attention on mountain biking in recent years, he continues to ride for the Haro team, and his love of BMX remains undimmed.

Ryan Nyquist Wearing a Black Bike Helmet

4. Tinker Juarez

Tinker is an all-time great in the BMX community and was a major player in the sport's rise to prominence in the 1980s.

He was born David Steinberg on March 4, 1961, and he has been celebrating his birthday ever since. Tinker was an early pioneer in the freestyle music scene.

BMX Action magazine anointed him "King of the Skateparks" back in 1980. He was an early supporter of the PRO (Professional Racing Organization).

He switched from BMX to mountain biking in the mid-1980s, and by 1996 he was competing at Atlanta 96. He continues to dominate all mountain bike races.

In 1993, Tinker was recognized for his achievements in the sport of BMX and was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame.

In April of 1980, he was featured on the cover, making it one of the earliest covers of a BMX magazine to focus solely on freestyle.

Even though there was never an official competition, the statement was a general declaration of his superiority due to the innovative strategies he developed.

Tinker Juarez Wearing a Green Shirt and White Helmet

5. Dennis McCoy

Dennis McCoy is the only rider to win the Vert, Park, and Flatland titles in the same calendar year. Along with Mat Hoffman and Dave Mirra, he was a part of the American BMX Freestyle Association.

Dennis Mccoy is still crushing it in his 50s, and he's clearly one of the most influential BMX riders of all time. It's been over 30 years since he first astounded the globe.

As far as we can tell, he's responsible for every event in BMX freestyle's annals. From the very first X-Games in 1995 to the most recent in 2018, he took part in every single vert event. He won seven medals overall, including the 1998 Vert Double gold.

He had gone 16 years between medals at the X Games before winning bronze in 2014. An unprecedented high bar to set. McCoy was honoured with a spot in the BMX Hall of Fame in 2016.

Dennis McCoy Sitting Outside on a Black Bike

6. Jamie Bestwick

A veteran rider with the kind of skill and talent that has won him competitions all over the world and who is still constantly coming up with new tricks and riding at a high level of intensity, this guy is a BMX machine.

He hasn't indicated any intention of slowing down, and Jamie Bestwick hasn't really brought up retirement, so he'll probably keep hitting the track whenever he can. A great icon in every meaning of the term, he has made BMX his life's work.

Jamie Bestwick is one of the greatest of all time. When it comes to vert riding, he can't be topped. Currently, he has 20 medals from the X-Games, 14 of which are championships (with 9 in a row between 2007 and 2014).

His 2005 was a banner year for competition victories. After racking up ten Dew Tour victories in 2006, he was crowned "Athlete of the Year." He was named Action Sportsperson of the Year at the 2014 Laureus World Action Sports Awards.

Jamie Bestwick Kneeling Next to a White BMX Bike

7. Kevin Robinson

"K-Rob" is widely regarded as one of the best vert BMX riders of all time. He was the first person in history to successfully do a double flair, and it took anyone else nine years to achieve it again.

In 2008, he broke the Guinness World Record for the highest jump on a BMX bike when he reached 27 feet.

At the X Games, he was awarded a total of ten medals, including three consecutive victories in the Big Air competition in 2006, 2007, and 2009.

Robinson suffered a stroke in 2017, which led to his untimely death at the age of 45. Though, he was included in the hall of fame.

Kevin Robinson Raising His Helmet in the Air on a Vert Ramp

8. Dennis Enarson

Dennis Enarson, a ten-time X-Games champion, is well-known for his impressive street abilities. It's only one of his numerous tricks, like the Cannonball bar spin. Dennis is "street smart," having been born and raised in La Mesa, California.

At just 29, he's already a clear-cut superstar. On April 19, 1991, he entered the world.

Dennis has a customized BMX frame made for him by Haro Bikes, he developed a BMX skatepark for the Dew Tour, and in 2019 he launched a podcast called "Unclicked."

Let it be known that this is the stuff of which Dennis Enarson's mythology is made.

Dennis Enarson Standing Outside Next to a BMX Bike

9. Bob Haro

This successful California businessman has come a long way from his humble beginnings (the owner of Haro Bikes). His birthday is June 29, 1958, and he was born in Pasadena.

In the years before 1975, he amassed staggering fifty-plus victories. After that, he began his career as a BMX rider and eventually became legendary.

He pioneered the development of BMX bicycles optimized for Flatland riding. Bob is a major figure in the development of BMX freestyle.

At a young age, he already had the skills of a pioneer, innovation rider, promoter, and businessman.

It was in 1978 that Haro and RL Orborn established the first BMX freestyle squad. Back in 1981, Haro and Bob Morales travelled across the United States and Canada to spread the word about BMX freestyle.

That same year, he was a stunt rider in E.T., directed by Steven Spielberg. Countless magazine covers featured him. He had four knee operations and retired from riding in 1984 to concentrate on building Haro Designs into a major player in the BMX industry.

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Bob Haro Standing Next to His Custom BMX Bike

10. Scotty Cranmer

A legendary skateboarder, "The Bulldozer" is regarded as one of the best BMX riders in the history of the park.

He has three X-Games titles to his name (2006, 2009, and 2012) and a total of nine medals (tied with Dave Mirra). Among BMX riders, Scotty's YouTube channel is a must-subscribe (over 1.6 million subscribers). 

When he was filming for his channel and Monster Energy in 2016, he was involved in a tragic accident that resulted in a broken neck and spinal cord injury that eventually immobilized him.

He had to work very hard and for a long time to get back on his horse, but eventually, he did. Cranmer's accident with his spinal cord happened on October 12, 2016, during a session. 

After successfully doing a bike trick, he flipped over and landed on his head, rolling into a hole in the ground. He was protecting his head with a helmet, but he still hit his skull and fractured some of his vertebrae.

Scotty Cranmer Sitting at a Park on his Bike

11. Garrett Reynolds

On August 2, 1990, this young man entered the world. His career as an athlete began at age 12, and he hasn't slowed down since.

He raced from New Jersey to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, for the X Games and won the BMX street competition. When it comes to riding a BMX on the Street, Garrett is in a league of his own.

The fact that he still makes time to go on "filming missions" with his pals despite his busy schedule is evidence of his devotion to the sport. Besides his own bike shop, "Fiend," Garrett Reynolds is also the owner of a bicycle manufacturing company.

As a youngster, Garrett Reynolds loved to skate in the park.

At 13, he went pro and made the transition to the Street, where he quickly became successful. He took home the NORA Cup more than once.

Except for the 2013 competition, he swept all of the X-Games Street events he competed. He won for the first time in 2008 and has gone on to win seven more times. He's up there among the greatest street BMX riders ever.

In 2011, he launched his own BMX bike company called Fiend BMX. 

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Garrett Reynolds Doing a BMX Trick Over Stairs

12. Mark Webb

Mark Webb is one of the BMX riders in the modern world who is considered to have the most influence, and he is still shredding.

Webby has been a fan favourite at the FISE for many years. He is always prepared to push the boundaries of what is possible on a bike and rides out of Portsmouth, which is located in the United Kingdom.

Numerous tournaments have been won by him, including the International X Games and the Mini competition at the BMX Masters in Cologne, Germany, in 2008.

In 2009, he participated in the Dew Tour for the first time in the United States.

His innovative style and incredible technical moves caused jaws to drop throughout the competition, and he ended up finishing the Tour in fourth place overall after finishing in third place at the final stage in Orlando.

Mark Webb Shirtless and Holding a Bike Over His Head

13. Dakota Roche

Dakota Roche claims that he would rather make a film than compete in a BMX event, which may explain why his films are so well received.

Because of his reliability, he was considered for the title of Transworld Ride BMX's Top BMX Street Riders every year from 2009 to 2013.  

To put it simply, Dakota Roche is one of the most popular street performers of all time. Despite his three X Games medals (bronze in 2011, silver in 2013, and silver in 2014), he would rather be behind the camera than compete.

It's no secret why his videos have become so popular; he's widely admired for being able to discover undiscovered gems of street art where no one else has looked before.

Numerous magazine covers were awarded to him over the course of his career. In 2015, he was recognized with a NORA Cup award.

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Dakota Roche Sitting on a Bike in the Street

14. Mark Aitken

Mike Aitken is sponsored by Fit Bike Co — his signature products for the brand include the 'Aitken 1' and 'Aitken 2' completes and the US-made 'Motomike' frame, featuring Supertherm tubing, butted top tube and lengthy double gussets, long dropout slots for greater adjustment room, and retro graphics.

Mike Aitken is also on the team at Rockstar Energy Drink, Odyssey Components, Fox Clothing, Lotek Kicks, Jaybird, and the family-owned 5050 BMX shop in Layton, Utah.

Now living in adjacent Salt Lake City, he has matured into many people's concept of the complete BMX rider, with a smooth style, ingenuity and originality to spare.

On the Dirt on the Dew Tour, Mike Aitken placed third in 2007 and first in 2008, both in his hometown. He is also a six-time X Games Dirt competitor, and in 2009 was crowned Number One Dirt Jumper at the NORA Cup.

Mike Aitken Doing a Trick on His BMX Bike

15. Brian Foster

Many fans remember when BMX legend Brian Foster tore up the circuits.

In September of 1991, Foster made the transition to the professional BMX circuit, and in December of that year, he won his first professional race as an A pro at the NBL Christmas Classic.

Foster turned professional in less than a year later and went on to have a highly successful BMX racing career.

No other rider in the history of BMX has been able to sustain a career spanning over 30 years and encompassing professional racing, pro park, pro street rider, and trail riding.

American BMX racer Brian Foster is a professional in his sport. From 1992 to 2000, he was a professional athlete.

Known for his racing prowess alongside his brother Alan, Brian Foster is a dynamic duo in the sport. Both are highly regarded throughout the BMX world.

He won gold in 1998 and silver in 2001 in Downhill BMX Racing at the X Games on dirt, giving him a total of four medals.

His extensive BMX racing background has given him expert bike-handling skills and an insatiable need for speed.

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Brian Foster Showing Off His Blue and White BMX Bike

16. Sean Burns

Because of his incredible tricks and unique style, Sean is well-known throughout the BMX community.

He is famed not just for performing roof dives from incredible heights but also for performing basic tricks with a lot of flare and panache.

A rider that has not only amassed a great deal of respect within the sport but also elevated the sport to an entirely new level of cool. In the BMX Street competition at the X Games in 2010, he finished 15th.

Sean Burns Sitting on His Front Steps with his Bike

17. Van Homan

Besides becoming a local icon, Van Homan has also found success in the video industry. His segment in 'Criminal Mischief' (2001 video) is acknowledged as one of the most important street sections ever.

He won four times the NORA (Number One Rider Award) Cup award for Street Rider of the Year (2000, '01, '02, and 03). Silver (2008) and bronze (2009) at the X-Games are his medal haul.

Van got his band noticed after he put out Criminal Mischief by the Little Devils. His level of destruction is unchanged from when the movie in which he appeared first premiered.

Homan blends raw force and technique to execute awe-inspiring rail combos, and he'll stop at nothing until the trick gets done.

Although he had previously competed on Street and won silver and bronze in 2008 and 2009, he was forced to withdraw from X.G. 2010 because of an injury he acquired during practice.

Van Homan Showing His Black BMX Bike

18. Daniel Dhers

We can envision this person cycling forever. Dhers has been so successful in events throughout the years that he is virtually guaranteed to win whenever he shows up.

The Venezuelan is famed for his consistency in BMX - if you want to master a technique, he's the man to watch. The Venezuelan is a park rider like no other.

He won the park event in the X-Games in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013 (in Munich) (in Munich).

In addition, he was four times the Overall Dew Tour champion and collected many FISE medals, including the 2014 Overall championship.

In 2013 he opened a public park for BMX, mountain biking, and skateboarding named the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex.

It's located in Holly Springs, North Carolina, where he resides. At this point, all he cares about is bringing a medal back to Venezuela from Tokyo.

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Daniel Dhers Smiling for the Camera at a BMX Street Event

19. Matthias Dandois

In our view, Matthias is already a legend. At the age of 19, he was named the finest BMX flatlander in the world, and he has since continued to set new standards for his fields through his extraordinary inventiveness.

His qualification performance at FISE World Montpellier 2016 flatland course was wild to watch.

His flair is unlike anything else in Flatland. It's a custom-built Haro called "La Bastille" just for him.

In 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016, and 2017, as well as in 2018 and 2019, he won the World Circuit.

The NORA Cup was awarded to him twice, and he was part of the riders of all time. He hasn't even thought about retiring yet, so we're in luck because we still have a lot of his brilliant work to look forward to.

Matthias Dandois Sitting Outside on his Green Bike

20. John Tomac

John Tomac used to be one of the competitive BMX riders. In 1975, he first started competing in BMX races in Michigan, and he rode through his adolescent years, taking on the likes of BMX superstars like Tony Carnes, Mike Chapman, and Tim Root.

Tomac won the National Cruiser Class championship in 1984 at the tender age of sixteen while racing for the factory Mongoose team.

While he was inducted into the BMX Hall of Fame, BMX was the primary focus of his riding career (1991). On November 3, 1967, in Michigan, USA, Johnny T was born.

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John Tomac Sitting On His Bike at a BMX Dirt Event


The world of BMX riding will be eternally grateful to these BMX riding icons; this is a debt that will never be paid off.

These celebrities have a global following of admirers and followers who have been following them for decades.

Do you wish to be a top BMX rider too? Know that the legend's subjection to consistent training brought perfection.