BMX riders are a unique breed. They’re fearless, they take risks, and they do it all with style. That’s why we created this 10 Best BMX Helmet Review to help you find the perfect helmet for your next ride! We’ll go over 10 different helmets that are great for BMX riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re an amateur rider or a pro, there is something on this list that will fit your needs perfectly!

1) Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet

Type – Half Face

Most helmets are either not safe enough or they make you look like a dork. The Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet is the best of both worlds, it’s safe and stylish so you can wear it on your bike and then take it off when you’re skateboarding with friends.

This helmet has all the safety features of a standard cycling helmet but also comes in different colors to match your skateboard gear. It even comes with a removable liner that will fit smaller heads or if someone else wants to borrow your helmet for their biking trip. Don’t settle for less than the best protection available today!

2) TurboSke BMX Helmet

Type – Half Face

The TurboSke BMX Helmet is an affordable helmet made with high-quality materials that offer protection to your head whether you’re a beginner or professional skater. The 11-vent design will provide hours of relief on hot days. At only 14 ounces it’s light enough to wear all day without getting uncomfortable or tiring out your neck muscles as other helmets can do overtime. This helmet fully complies with 16 C.F.R part 1203 and CE EN 1078 safety standards so you know it’s as safe as possible while still being lightweight and stylish looking on top of everything else!

3) Triple Eight BMX Sweatsaver Helmet

Type – Half Face

Most helmets are uncomfortable, bulky, or both. The Triple Eight Sweatsaver Helmet is the answer for anyone who rides a bike, skateboards, rollerblades, or scooters. This innovative helmet is designed with comfort in mind so you can focus on your ride instead of how hot and sweaty you feel inside your headgear.

BMX Sweatsaver Helmet has been tested & proven to be super strong while remaining lightweight and breathable like no other helmet before it! They use only high-quality materials in their helmets, such as EPS foam covered with thick dual density soft foam which absorbs impact from any direction without sacrificing aesthetics!

The helmet is equipped with an adjustable helmet strap that is designed to accommodate the various head shapes, sizes, and styles of BMX riders. It also comes equipped with two removable terry cloth liners–one that fits in like a snug cap and one which can be adjusted to fit snugly on top of another.


Type – Half Face

INNAMOTO BMX Helmet solves problems by being lightweight, aerodynamic, and adjustable at any time during wear. The special design helps keep air circulating inside the helmet so you don’t overheat as easily when biking around town on hot days.

This bike helmet is made from ABS outer shell and EPS foam inner layer with removable lightweight foam padding which gives a secure feeling when riding your bicycle or scooter. With 8 large air vents, it will help you cool down quickly after a ride. The dial-adjustable strap allows riders to customize their fit without having to remove their helmets for adjustments mid-ride!

5) SkullCap BMX Helmet

Type – Half Face

The unique design of the Skull Cap Helmet makes it extremely comfortable and secure so that you can focus on enjoying your ride instead of worrying about whether or not your helmet will fall off at any moment.

SkullCap BMX Helmet is made from two different materials that make it more durable and safe for your child. The hard outer layer of polycarbonate provides protection against bumps while the soft inner layer of EPS foam absorbs any impact to prevent injury or damage.

Skull Cap’s multi-impact design allows you to replace just the foam liner if needed instead of having to buy an entirely new helmet after each crash or fall. This makes it easier on your wallet and better for your child’s safety as well since they won’t have to deal with wearing out their helmet prematurely due to wear & tear or cracks from multiple impacts over time that could cause them serious harm during a crash.

6) Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet

Type – Half Face

Most bike helmets are not certified to be used for biking & skateboarding. The Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Helmet is the only helmet that’s dual certified by both CPSC and ASTM standards for skateboarding and biking. This means it meets the most rigorous safety standards in two different disciplines, making it a smart choice for people who ride bikes or skateboards.

With this helmet you can go from skating to biking without having to change your headgear! Protect your head with our Dual Certified Skateboard & Bike Helmet today!

7) Bell Sanction Full Face Bike Helmet

Type – Full Face

The Bell Sanction helmet is designed specifically for recreational cyclists who like the idea of biking around town without worrying about being hurt in an accident. This full-face helmet offers comfort and protection at a reasonable price point that won’t break the bank if you need to replace it after a crash or two.

The Bell Sanction has been designed with a small profile and lightweight construction so young riders will have no problem wearing it without feeling like they’re wearing an adult helmet. The low profile design helps prevent interference while riding bikes, scooters, skateboards and more! With 15 vents you’ll stay cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it gets cold. But most importantly this full face bike helmet offers comfort and protection for active kids & adults who want to ride their bikes safely!

8) JBM Cycling Helmet

Type – Half Face

Most helmets are designed to be specific to one sport, so when you want to switch from cycling to skateboarding or inline skating, you have to change your helmet!

JBM created their Cycling Helmet as an all-in-one solution for any active adult who wants protection and style while biking, skating or scooting. The helmet has been tested in real world scenarios and provides ultimate comfort with its lightweight design and adjustable strap. It’s also crafted with durable materials like PVC & PC, EPS foam which makes it tough enough for the roughest rides. And the special aerodynamic design reduces wind resistance so you stay cool even on hot days!

Plus the unique breathable foam helps keep your head dry during intense activities – no more sweat build up! So whether you’re looking for a replacement bike helmet or just want to try something new, the JBM Cycling Helmet is perfect for anyone who likes to bike, skate or scoot!

9) Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Dirt Cycling Helmet

Type – Half Face

Most helmets don’t fit correctly out of the box, and even if you can find one that does, it may not be comfortable.

Giro Fixture Dirt Cycling Helmet solves these problems by providing an accurate measurement system to ensure your helmet fits perfectly every time. It also has MIPS technology which absorbs and redirects energy in case of impact to reduce head injuries.

The removable visor provides extra protection from sunlight while riding on sunny days. This cycling helmet is available in 10 different colors so you can choose the right one for your style! The Giro Fixture Dirt Helmet will keep your head safe in a crash and protect against debris that might get kicked up by other riders.

10) FLY Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Helmet

Type – Full Face

Outdoor Master Cycling Helmet

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Full-face helmets are heavy, hot, and uncomfortable. Lightweight helmets have a hard time protecting the head in an accident.

FLY Racing has designed a lightweight helmet that is still comfortable and safe for cyclists of all levels. Their new full-face helmet weighs 2.95 lbs., making it one of the lightest in the market today! This helmet features multiple vents to keep your head cool while you ride and removable cheek pads so you can wash them after every use if necessary.

They have also included a TFV ventilation system that helps regulate temperature during long rides or races by drawing warm air out through front vents and pushing fresh air into rear vents at key points along your ride or racecourse. The FLY Racing Cycling Helmet comes in three shell sizes (XS-L) with four EPS sizes so they can provide a precise fit for most riders’ heads, regardless of their shape or size!

Is there anything we should look out for when buying a BMX helmet?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when buying BMX helmets. The type, size, and fit will all play into how safe your new helmet is – so make sure you know what features you need before you buy one!

The best way to find the right BMX bike helmet for your needs is by reading reviews like this one. This blog post has reviewed ten different types of helmets with their features so that readers can learn about each and choose which ones work best for them.

We hope these products provided some helpful information on choosing the perfect helmet.