It can be hard to find the right bike for you. The best way to do it is by considering your age, height, and weight. This can lead to some confusion about whether or not adults can ride 20 inch BMX bikes. Let’s explore this topic together!

Is a 20 inch BMX bike for adults

1- What are the benefits of riding a 20-inch BMX bike

  • The smaller wheel size can make the bike easier to maneuver, and you may find it more comfortable than a bigger BMX.
  • Riding a 20-inch BMX bike could be just enough for some adults who only want something to ride around on at their local skatepark or neighborhood streets.
  • If you are an adult beginner looking for your first BMX bike but don’t know where to start, then this is definitely not too big of a bike for you!
  • It can sometimes be hard to find the right type of bicycle that will suit all of your needs. The best way to do so is by considering your age, height, weight, and desired use in order to narrow down which one might work better.

2- How to choose a 20-inch BMX bike that is right for you

To choose a bike that is the right size for you, it can be a good idea to take your measurements. This will tell you which bike frame size would work best.

  • Height: Measure from the ground to the top of the head (in inches)
  • Inseam length: measure from groin area on inner thigh down to the foot (in inches).

20 inch BMX bikes have been ridden by both men and women that weigh 220 pounds at an average height of five feet, seven inches tall – so you can see how well these models work with various body types.

However, this doesn’t mean they can handle just any weight though. If your bike is only meant to withstand 150 lbs then it’s not going to do too well when it has more than that on board! But also keep in mind what type of terrain you’ll be riding through: some people may need

3- Tips on how to maintain your new 20-inch BMX bike

To maintain your new BMX bike, you’ll want to make sure that every time you ride it, the drivetrain is well-lubricated. You can do this by adding a couple of drops of lubricant into each gear on your bicycle and then cycling through them until they’re all coated in oil.

Expert Tip: To maintain your 20-inch BMX bikes, when taking care of the chain ensure that you are greasing or tightening the grips as needed. because over time chains can stretch out and need more tension than what was originally set so it’s important to keep an eye on these parts for wear and tear.

Do not add too much grease though! Too much grease will cause problems with the gears slipping within their casing which could potentially cause huge problems later on.

4- Where can adults buy their own 20-inch BMX bikes

You can buy a 20-inch BMX bike from your local bike shop or you can order one online.

The price of the bikes will vary depending on where and how they are bought but typically range between 300$-700$.

It is important to read reviews before you buy something expensive. If there are warranties that will help, then you should look for that too. Sometimes people do not have as much money as they thought they had and if there is a problem, they might need more money to fix it than what was in the budget.

It is recommended then to do some research beforehand so you know whether or not it would be worth investing in those particular products. You can check out our post here for some BMX bikes made for adult use.

5- What are some safety precautions when riding a 20-inch BMX bike 

  • Never ride a 20-inch BMX bike without safety gear such as gloves, helmet, and pads.
  • It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing when riding a BMX bike because it can be dangerous if you are wearing something that could twist or snag on the handlebars or frame of the bicycle.
  • This includes wearing long pants and sleeves for protection from scrapes, cuts, and other injuries caused by things like sharp tree branches, gravel underfoot, or contact with surfaces while doing tricks in midair.
  • Always check your brakes before embarking so they work properly against this type of terrain!

6- Why should adults ride a 20-inch BMX bike instead of other types of bikes

Adults can definitely ride 20-inch BMX bikes, but it is recommended that they wear appropriate safety gear to keep themselves safe.

This type of bike can be more difficult for adults than other types of bikes because the smaller wheels require a lot more balance and coordination in order to ride safely.

If you are an adult who wants to try this sport out, then make sure you have some experience on various different types of bicycles before trying your hand at riding a BMX bike!

It’s important to have help. If you start off with a small wheel and then need help balancing or steering, someone can come over and help until you get back into the groove.

The different types of equipment you would want can vary depending on your level of skill and experience with riding bikes in general before trying out the sport of BMX biking.

If you are just looking for some protection from falls as opposed to having any type of competitive aspirations, then look into purchasing one or both knee pads and elbow pads which will help cushion against any hard impacts during spills.

However, if you wish to compete in this tough sport where falls happen often while racing others down ramps, jumping off walls, or over obstacles like planks (which most adults cannot physically do). Then make sure you get all-encompassing body protection including a full-face helmet, gloves, and shin guards.


Riding a BMX bike can be an exciting activity for adults. If you are looking to try something new, why not give this a shot? We hope that we’ve been able to help get the wheels turning in your head and provide some inspiration about how fun riding one of these bikes can be!

Let’s ride together!