If you’re a BMX bike enthusiast and you want to know how to do easy BMX wheelie tricks, then this blog post is for you! We’ll show you 11 of the most popular & easy BMX tricks that are easy and fun.

But first, just follow these basic steps below to become an expert in no time.

Step 1 – Start slowly with your bike

The very first step is to start slowly with your bike. This isn’t the time to be going full speed and jerking around on the handlebars wildly!

What if we told you it was possible to do a wheelie without using too much energy? We aren’t just talking about being able to lift up your front tire at some point.

Step 2 – Make Sure Your Path Is Clear

Always make sure that your path is clear before you take off on your bike. If there are any cars or anything else in the way, this isn’t the time to start speeding away.

11 Different & Easy BMX Tricks:

Trick 1 – The Popping Technique

Try getting some practice first by popping your bike up and down. You can try doing it on a hill, so you have gravity working for you. This one is fairly simple and will set you up to do other complicated tricks later on.

Trick 2 – The Pulling Technique

The pulling technique is like the popping technique, but this time we are going to pull up on our front handbrake while pushing down with our back foot at the same time. This will cause some serious momentum and should pop your bike right into an ideal wheelie position!

Trick 3 – The Aces Up Trick

If all else fails, use the aces-up trick by extending both arms in a horizontal or upward direction while simultaneously throwing your handlebars forward when performing a wheelie. After that, just lean backward until things come tumbling down and go back to pop.


Trick 4 – The Axe Trick

If you’re dealing with a hill, the axle trick is perfect for getting your bike into a wheelie position! Just hit up on the rear brake and take some weight off of your front tire while simultaneously pushing down with your back foot. This will cause an intense momentum that will get the rear tire off the ground and into a wheelie position.

Trick 5 – The Backwards Trick

To perform this trick, all you have to do is lean back as far as possible when performing your wheelie while simultaneously pushing down on the rear brake and pulling up on the front brake before releasing them once again. This should get both wheels in an ideal rotation for popping that sweet ride right into a wheelie!

Trick 6 – The Bike Flip Trick

If you’re jonesin’ for some major tricks after dealing with those stairs or hills without success, try flipping your bike over using the bike flip trick–just hop onto one of your handlebars and twist it forward until things come tumbling down. After that, just make sure that you’re in a good position to make sure that your bike doesn’t land on top of you, and–voila!

Trick 7 – The Aussie Wheelie Trick

This trick is perfect for those not quite pro-level riders out there who are looking for something more than just an ole’ wheelie. To do this, all you have to do is lean back as far as possible while simultaneously pushing down the front brake with one foot and pulling up the rear brake with another before releasing them once again. It may take some practice, but it’ll be totally worth it when you master this tricky move!

Trick 8 – The Hucker’s Trick

The hucker’s trick is an advanced trick that requires more than just the average amount of practiced skills to pull it off. To do this, you’re going to need a lot of momentum and speed before executing the move by leaning back as far as possible while simultaneously pushing down on both brakes in order to slow your bike’s forward motion. You’ll know when you’ve done it right because your handlebars will start spinning around like crazy!

Trick 9 – The Whip Trick

The whip trick is for those slightly less experienced bikers who are looking for something cool (and easy!) to add to their wheelie repertoire. This trick involves leaning back with some tension as if about to execute a handstand, at which point all that needs to be done is to push away from the back wheel to initiate the spin.

Trick 10 – The Superman Trick

This is a more advanced trick and requires some serious balance as it involves reaching both arms up and out while making your best impression of Superman. Once you’re in position, just pull on one arm until that side’s back tire comes off the ground, followed by pushing down with both brakes at once for stability!

Remember: this might take time to master, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while before getting things right; like anything worth learning, practice makes perfect!

Trick 11 – The Wheelie Flip Trick

If you’ve mastered all these tricks already, then why not try something really cool? A wheelie flip isn’t too difficult when performed correctly but keep in mind that this is not a beginner’s trick and should only be attempted by those who have mastered the basics.

The first step in performing a wheelie flip is to start with your bike balanced vertically on one pedal; once you’ve got it upright, then just hop off the back of the seat, crouch down low beneath the handlebars and push up until you’re at full height again!

Your pedals are now level which means all you need to do for stability is balance yourself as if standing on two legs while pushing forward with both hands before hopping onto your front tire when ready.


  • Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while before getting things right; like anything worth learning, practice makes perfect!
  • When executing any type of stunt, always remember to check your surroundings for any potential hazards that could interfere with the trick you’re trying.
  • When jumping off a platform or ramp in order to do some tricks, always make sure there is enough room for you and the bike before attempting!

What You Should Remember:

  • Safety first! Check out everything around where you’re performing stunts (are there any ledges? Any traffic?)
  • Practice makes perfect: if this is your first time doing a wheelie flip on BMX, then don’t be discouraged if it takes a while before getting things right; like anything worth learning, practice makes perfect!
  • Balance yourself as if standing on two legs while pushing forward with both hands when balancing at the top of the wheelie. If you’re not sure what to do, just try it and see if it feels right!
  • Enjoy yourself: this is a fun activity that should be enjoyed by everyone; after all, BMX isn’t only for kids anymore!
  • Have Fun!

Final Words

You can now do wheelies on your bike. How awesome is that? Please let us know if you have any questions about our easy BMX tricks blog post, and we will be happy to answer them for you! We hope this article has given you some new ideas or a fresh perspective on how to perform these tricks.